South African sock brands


Sox For Africa PTY Ltd is a manufacturer of all types of socks and specialises in school, sport and diabetic friendly socks. We are committed to service and reliability to all of our customers.

Sox For Africa PTY Ltd was established in 1999 and we have continued to invest in machinery to keep up to date with the latest styles and offerings. …….

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Over the last few years Sox For Africa PTY Ltd has started to push its product offerings in this direction as the market for sport socks has developed into high tech individualised and innovative products.

Whilst we still provide the original ribbed, turnover top styles that have been the main stay for decades, we have grown our range and offer various stay …….

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Sox For Africa PTY Ltd was started primarily as a school sock manufacturer. We currently make all styles of school socks from Anklets, Stockings, TOT’s, Double Welt, Rib, Plain …, and we continue to innovate as our customers require. We use all types of materials from wool, cotton and Polyviscose to acrylic, nylon and polyester.

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Sox For Africa manufactures a range of diabetic friendly socks branded as Diasock.

The Diasock range of diabetic friendly socks were specifically designed for diabetics and developed with comfort in mind. The Diasock range is an essential aid to people suffering from diabetes or poor blood circulation.

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